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Maternity Adjustments

Chiropractic evaluation and treatment during pregnancy

is considered a safe and effective mean of treating

commonmusculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant

patients.Chiropractic care typically includes the care

of pregnant patients to ensure the patient a comfortable

pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor

and delivery. For example, it may contribute to helping

resolve Fetal Position Changes, Placenta Previa,

lower back pain, Dystocia and other symptoms that may

occur with pregnancy. Dr. Mabra is well versed at these

adjustments. She also can continuecare after your child

is born for you and your new born as they grow.


To learn more go more about care for your infant after

birth, Please look at our Infant and Childhood tab under

theadjustments tab.




Sources- http://icpa4kids.org/Chiropractic-Research/Pregnancy-and-Adjustments/







Woodward Chiropractor | Woodward chiropractic Maternity Adjustments |  OK |




Woodward Chiropractor | Woodward chiropractic Maternity Adjustments |  OK |

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